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Hospital Directory


Main Hospital 979-732-2371
Administration 979-493-7560
Billing Department 979-732-2371
Dietary 979-493-7624
Medical Records 979-493-7554
Compliments/Grievances 979-493-7565
Social Services 979-493-7587
Gift Shop 979-493-7579


Columbus Medical Clinic 979-732-2318
Four Oaks Medical Clinic 979-732-5794
Professional Clinic 979-732-2376

Specialists (Cardiology)

Philip Burket, MD 979-242-5677
Gregory Pepper, MD 979-732-2376

Specialists (Ear, Nose, Throat)

Thomas Salzar, MD 979-732-2318
Steven Wright, MD 979-732-2318

Specialists (Family Medicine)

Gregory Bohuslav, MD 979-732-2318
Bart Klaus, MD 979-732-2318
Troy Millican, MD 979-732-2318
Thomas Mueller, MD 979-732-2318
David Neisner, MD 979-732-2318
Jessica Radley MS, FNP-BC 979-732-5794
Kelly Randerman, MS, FNP-BC 979-732-2318
Yvonne Wagner, RN, ANP 979-732-2318

Specialists (General Surgery)

Heather Vasser, MD, AFACS 979-732-6552

Specialists (Internal Medicine)

David Wilkinson, MD 979-732-2318

Specialists (Family/OB)

Gregory Bohuslav, DO

Alyssa Molina, MD


(979) 234-2551

Specialists (Nephrology)

Anil Chunduri, MD 979-732-2376

Specialists (OB/GYN)

Eslam Elhammady, MD, FACOG

Saima Ghazal, M.D., FACOG







Specialists (Oncology)

Amirali Popatia, MD, FACP 979-732-2376

Specialists (Ophthalmology)

Lori Jo Learned, MD 979-732-5771
Todd Hovis, MD 979-732-5771
Arun Nayar, MD

John Wooten, MD



Specialists (Orthopaedics)

Sandy Bahm, MD 979-732-2376

Specialists (Pain Management)

Marcus Parker, MD 832-437-3688

Specialists (Pediatric Medicine)

Christian Freeman, MD 979-733-0095

Specialists (Podiatry)

T&T Foot & Ankle 979-836-1111
Christopher Correa, MD 888-284-4643

Specialists (Urology)

Ryan W. Frieben, MD 979-830-1014
Marshall Stein, MD 979-732-2376
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