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Labor and Delivery




Let us be part of your family’s journey– Columbus Community Hospital is with you every step of the way from prenatal care, through delivery, and beyond.

Columbus Community Hospital makes your birthing experience a family-centered event by combining individualized care with warm and comfortable surroundings. Special emphasis is given to allow you to plan for and make decisions regarding your birth experience. The obstetrical staff works with you to make your family members feel a part of the joyous event.

The six private patient rooms feature a home environment for maximum comfort
and privacy. You and your baby will receive top-quality postpartum and newborn care. To continue family bonding, the new father and siblings are encouraged to spend extended time with you and the

Latest in birthing technology including:

  • Birthing beds
  • Electronic fetal monitoring
  • Ultrasound
  • The Level 1 neonatal intensive care unit for newborns with extra needs


Ensuring the best care with specialists throughout the region.

For patients with complex conditions, our team works with specialty providers in central and southeast Texas to ensure high-quality care throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

For more information on labor and delivery, with Columbus, contact
us at 979-612-2612.

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